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I love photography, it's pretty much as simple as that. I can't really switch it off - even if I wanted to.

Whether location scouting on a Pacific Northwest beach in Canada or driving through winding valleys & cider country to find an idyllic medieval church in the UK. I love the challenge of using my camera to illustrate in a reportage/lookbook style of how your wedding happened.

I'm also rather proud that it has been rumoured I can hold a semi-decent conversation, blend into the background when needs be & I have even been known to  exhibit some fairly decent social skills on occasion too.

Yes, I'm being slightly sarcastic but lets face it - I find a bit of chat & some social skills can definitely help the wedding day run a little smoother, and can only help the photos look that bit more natural & relaxed.

Jokes aside, I pride myself on my shooting & working style with all my clients. Providing a professional, unique but consistent service to those who want their wedding photographed in an unobtrusive personal creative manner from an industry professional.

Documenting your story in an unobtrusive manner using a blend of photojournalism & an eye for fine art photography.

 // Featured weddings //

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// Izobel & George / Vancouver / Canada

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// Cass & Ed / Bristol / England / UK / Dig Haüshizzle

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I currently split my time between Vancouver (Canada) and the UK; I love to shoot and travel around the world.

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International wedding photographer