Crater Lake National Park

/ From Washington to Oregon.
// The Beaver State
/ Beginning in Portland, one of my favorite places

Portland never disappoints.
Good people / Good beer
/ mixed with outdoor ping pong - excellent results.

Time to leave the city time to be inspired

// Then we hit the road south towards Crater Lake - volcano territory.

Then Edd and I went for a wander off the beaten path a little.
// Simply in awe of the pure scale and beauty of the landscape all around us, from Crater Lake itself to the beautiful somewhat jagged Mars-like landscape.

Everything happens for a reason.
We stayed a little later than expected (someone lost their iphone)
Before we knew it we were standing on a ridge overlooking Crater lake as we experienced an amazing moment.
A full blood moon rising over Crater lake with the sun setting through the trees behind

// After warming up and indulging at the lovely Crater lake lodge we headed back to our comfy little wood clad room above the Union creek lodge.

Next stop - California...

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