Black and white wedding photographer
Black and white wedding photographer

// Black and White Wedding Photographer //

When it comes to wedding photography my clients receive all their wedding photographs in colour and black and white.
A friend recently asked me why. This got me thinking...and then thinking a little bit more.
To be honest there's a few reasons, but one of my main reasons is purely the aesthetic pleasure a simple black and white image can give and the emotion it brings.

Why do people love black and white photographs?
Is it the nostalgia? Just its simplicity? The way it captures the shadow and light?

One of the reasons I really love black and white wedding photographs is the reaction these images can bring.
On numerous occasions I've had B&W images evoke a completely different reaction and emotion from the viewer. I find their colour counterparts which are just as popular but rarely divide the audiences opinion as much those who like the B&W image.

I don't know what it is, perhaps I like the romaniticised idea that black and white photographs still hold a special place in the digital era.

// ME Personally //

What I do know is, when I first fell in love with photography it was often the black and white photographs that really made an impact.

Often you would find me leafing through big hard-covered photography books, my eyes fixed on a world of amazing and iconic imagery delivered through the twentieth century by the worlds elite and most famous photojournalists capturing the moments that matter in history.

So I guess that's where my love comes from, how about you?