This is just a little update to let the internet folks know that I haven't been hibernating even though it's been damn tempting at times.

In fact, I have been busy making plans for adventures and making sure those plans come to fruition. So far these include;

// Road trip the West coast from Vancouver to San Francisco later this year in the fall.

// Weddings and trips planned to the UK, Germany, Netherlands and anywhere else that might get added to the list! - Scandinavia is calling hard at the door to!

// Also I'm very excited about the prospect of a series of float plane trips to remote locations such as the Haida Gwaii.

Those who don't know it already, Haida Gwaii is West of mainland Canada, South of Alaska. And is an incredible remote chain of 150 islands. Stoked to say the least!

To prove I haven't just been hibernating, watching House of Cards with the occasional morning ski here is what I was up to last week.

Working with my good friend Iman Khalili on a styled bridal shoot for a magazine. Here's just a couple of behind the scenes shots.