// 300 / Day nine & ten 
 / Vancouver / Squamish / Alice Lake / Brackendale /
We left Vancouver besieged with dense fog throughout the city, struggling to see much at all.

Travelling on the epic sea to sky highway, coffee in hand or cup holder if you will, Pearl Jam providing the soundtrack and the fog clearing as soon as we passed West Vancouver.
Then it was blue skies, snow capped mountains, dense forest & inspirational scenery. 

Great to get out of the city, get the tent pitched & the fire burning.
I find that sometimes when there's so much beauty around me, it seems to be impossible to convey to the viewer the pure scale of the beauty on display.
So, I just remember to enjoy the moment and just to try my best to capture the magic of the last of the sun on the mountain, the serenity of the clearing fog and the changing of the seasons via a beautiful palette of Autumnal colours.
 // It's pretty simple, if just one of these photos makes you want to get off you're arse & start exploring, I've done my job.