Apologies for no entry yesterday > Been crazy busy with 300 in the past 48 hours, so much so its seen me hike to the top of a mountain, walk through ancient forests, marvel at sunsets over the ocean & inspired always by the beauty of British Columbia.
Day five // Started with early morning people watching, which in Vancouver could be classed as a competitive sport with how much competition there is. First off the bat is this lady hula-hooping to the ocean. 

If it's not apparent already, I kind of have a thing for trees, these shots all come from the beautiful Stanley Park.
These images are inspired by an idea I have had for a couple of years but like so many other ideas they easily get lost & put to the bottom of the to do list - that's if they're lucky enough to even make it on a list.
 // Sitting under trees / Has finally begun / 

 // 300 / Day six


Hollyburn Mountain // Hiked to the top, watched the mountains  then hiked down for sunset / Pretty sweet day.